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January 2013 EP "Behaviorism"

In this hollow hole I sink, into a shell and there I
Feel nothing at all Where are you now? When I need you
Where were you when I needed you the most

I am lost in the sound, lost in the go around, and I can't help but wonder
I am lost in the sound, and I needed you to be there for me

All I know, is the pain, it won't go away
As long as I'm here, as long as I stay

When I first woke up, I felt a little older
I cannot feel my soul, like I could when I was young
I feel a little empty anymore, I've lost all I know
Wait for me, and I'll make it back, I wont take long
Wait for me, I need you now, I'd die without you


I don't mind that I'm not the man I planned to be
We all are searching for something more
Just look to me, and you'll see

I can't sleep, No not anymore
This feeling inside me, bleeding through every bit of it
I just want to feel, a little less empty again
Tell me you’ll understand, what you have done to me
All my hope is gone, all the love has long been lost

You see right through me, but we both know the truth, that I need this
That I need this more than you

My body is of no value to me just take as you please
Just let me fill my heart with the love that I need
We are forgotten, I don't feel anymore
We aren't remembered for what we want but words we chose

To myself, where is the end?
When will we settle in?
I know that its been long enough by now

I can't stop pacing and waiting for something to come this way
I just hope maybe we will be okay

I care, not just now, but forever

With everything we've been through, I should be able to see exactly what I want
With everything we've been through, I should be able to say exactly what I want and what I need
This double standard kind of life is taking its toll on me
I have told myself to be strong, be calm, and carry on
I just don't know where to go from here

This disillusion that closed your eyes, making you believe you've got it all
This disillusion that changed your mind, making you believe you've got it all right

I'm giving up, I'm giving in
I can't let it end like this, you're not the woman I loved
Its changed now that I'm gone, do you need me to be at your bare feet

It's hard for me to say, to put into words, what I mean and how I feel
This is me, this is my heart

This is me, and this is my heart, don't take it for granted


It's time we take our lives for what they are
We're always searching for something more, than what we can
Let go and seize the time, the time you have

Lovely, I've longed for you
to have something to hold onto
I've been waiting for far too long
but now my heart has grown too strong
Forgive me now, it's not what I mean

And all of my time is spent just wondering where you are, or where you'll be
It seems to me that we'd be better off to just let go and move on

Faith has got its way, into the hearts of the willing
You sit and stare, at nothing, waiting for something to come your way

We have come, between the both of us, there is not enough
We followed the path before us


released January 8, 2013

Recorded at EarlyGrayce Studios, Jordan Haynes



all rights reserved


Everley Knoxville, Tennessee

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